Another 48: “I Have a Dream”

“If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live”

-Martin Luther King JR.

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Well Worn: A Look At The Kraven Dunk High

About 5 years ago i did a pair of Dunk highs for my Brother from another Rasta and this is an update of what they lookin like as of late.

Mind you, hes not one of us “OMG i gotta wear these ones and let them die in the box” kinda guys, he wears these to do EVERYTHING

and by everything, i mean EVERYTHING. From Junkyard hopping to fixing cars and such. This pair has seen plenty of wear and tear.

Not to mention that my good homie isn’t a regular sized guy, he’s about 6’2- 6’4, 350+ lb’s. these are a size 13 FYI

He’s also a carpenter, hence the “Ima just wear them” attitude. he doesnt even clean them, and i love him for that. I’m just glad i can be part of the Process bro

i actually found some random Pics of me and the homie Rasta while he was wearing the Shoes. peep game

He even decided t take his shoe off for this pic that Ki took, but it was smelling like all kinds of death, hence my face in this pic

I also painted his t-Shirt to match the kicks

O and yes, got that Mizzee customs Haircut just cause! looking back at pics like this always reminds me why i hang with this guy. love is love people

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Zoe On Handler… Literally

Zoe Saldana is so adorable, i truly believe she can’t do any wrong, and Grabbing Chelsea Handers Rack Verifys that

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Innovation Kitchen: A Look At HyperFuse

For a while ive been put off of the Hyperfuse/torch material, but after watching the videos im willing to give them a shot. The sportswear classics they redesigned look really nice aswell. i love the air max 90s and the forces.

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Restoration: 2001 Jordan III

The Jordan III is easily about 85% of most Jordan Heads Holy Grail. This colorway which First Retroed in 2001 specifically. This shoe is so dope, Nike retroed it 3 times to date(1994, 2001, and 2008), with a 4th release this comming black friday.

This actual pair is 10 years old

Now the Question is, what do you do when Age catches up with this pair? the simple answer is to send them to me silly 😛

You may wonder why even go through the effort (and prices) to get a 2001 retro when you can just get a 2011 pair. well, Quality of the materials are way better in the 2001 model. 

The 2001 pair uses real Tumbled leather, as opposed to the Synthetic Leather Nike has been using nowadays.

 Real tumbled leather looks better when its worn, Synthetic just looks plastic and is ultra stiff

That and the Fact that the 2001 model has NIKE AIR on the back, while all the newer Jordan products have Jumpman instead.

All the Jordan IIIs after these look like….

Lil stuff like that makes this shoe a true Holy Grail. Nostalgia at its best people 🙂

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