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The Samuri and The Dragon Dunk High

Another customer pair. this one was a hassle kinda. the original shoe i worked on was destroyed in a lil flood i had in my lab due to a hot water tank leakin, so i had to redo the shoes, … Continue reading

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Outer Space Tiger Dunk SB low and Air Max Light

i actually had this idea after i already did a pair of space tiger sb’s. while i was tryin to tell someone about what i do, i showed them before and after pics on my digicam and said “see, those are … Continue reading

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Rocko’s modern life Air force one

almost forgot i did these (its been 2 years since i really posted work on the internet, but ive been busy). this was a customer order. they gave me free range to do what i wanted to do. i didnt … Continue reading

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THOR Movie Trailer

gotta watch fast, Marvel will have it deleted asap (they dont play with leaks)

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DBZ: Eat a Dick

i swear, once i seen this, it gave me the initiative to finish the sneakers, so its only right to share it. i laugh everytime i watch this.

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