its not pink, its INFRARED!

so i have to explain this everytime i wear my Running and Gunning air stabs.

why did i bring that up you ask? cause i think i may break down and cop the infamous infrared am90s and have the same conversations… its funny though, i didnt really see the big deal about these for literally 4 years and now after a few yearly releases im lookin forward to copping these this weekend. iono what changed, maybe my taste, maybe all the stuff they makin to match them, maybe im feeding into the hype, iono. but im coppin.


and this hat got me ready to go against my “no hats for 2010” thing ive been on. psh iono im bout to get back on my fitted game…

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3 Responses to its not pink, its INFRARED!

  1. Tecknicolor says:

    Man I really need to get me a pair of these. It’s like I was in a daze when they released and I missed them. Stupid Sole Collector app told me about the date and everything lol.

    • miz says:

      yea i cant front i copped mines sunday evening and alot of spots got them where im at(modells, finishlines,etc) but there definately worth the investment. im more mad that i paid 95 for them when i walked into a nother store 15 minutes later and copped my second pair for 80.

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