Air force Bespoke 1 of 1: Reggie Holloway

for those not in the know he was a fellow sneakerhead, more importantly, an air force one head. it sucks to hear bout people in the game passing, but with all tragedys some type of blessing has to be giving. these Bespoke air force ones were made as a tribute to this young man, and funded by fellow sneakers heads. mind you to make a Bespoke air force one its 820, so thats alot of love. so much love that they got 2 pairs made, one for his father and one made in reggies size. the shoe is made up of suede, leather, and 3m accents on the toungue and around the swoosh. the colors are based on the old houston rockets jerseys. fitting since thats was his home.  the box was custom lasered with the names of the donatees on the inside. instant classic. RIP REGGIE.

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