5 Borough Air Force one series (all 5)

ill never get at what point people staqrted to hate on the AF1 now-a-days. maybe its the fact that fakes ran the streets so more then likely if you see someone with the white on whites they were knock off or something. iono i just stopped wearing all white ones but the love hasnt left yet. anyway pairs like these are why im so Addicted to them. these all are supreme Air Force Ones (read: better quality material). the all feature wool on the colored areas, 3m piping, inside out/leather soles looks like white kangaroo leather ala’ untourage af1’s with a chenile swoosh like the letters on varsity jackets. some are dope, some are adequite, but can say i wouldnt cop them if i didnt see the other ones. o and they were made to represent the 5 boroughs in NYC.



Long Island


and Queens

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