Colorchange DBZ Cell Dunk Mid + Video

so i guess i gotta post the type of stuff yall came to see from me. i actually ment to post this up last night but i fell asleep plus didnt have the proper light to capture the colorwell (even though i still think its off a bit) These are Based on the character Cell from dragon Ball Z. the green parts resemble safari print but i tweaked it to more match him outfit. the toe is suede and the check is purple and changes color to green at different angles. ill be posting the Goku ones i did up last. i also did a vid to show them in real life and to also prove that i did them, cause i know blogs and stuff mess that kinda thing up especially without tagged pics but eff it 

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6 Responses to Colorchange DBZ Cell Dunk Mid + Video

  1. Mannie Fresh says:

    yeah…these are official! They really do capture the look of Cell

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  3. Jon says:

    Those are so fresh what did they look like before?I would love to customize my shoes what would you recommend.How did you get the spots indented it the suede again very good job dbz is one of my favorites I am a true fan and appreciate the art.

  4. Richard says:

    Those shoes are amazing, great job!
    They do a great job in really capturing Cell and his ‘skin texture’, I was wondering if there is any way to get a pair of these from you? That is of course only if you sell your work.

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