Outer Space Tiger Dunk SB low and Air Max Light

i actually had this idea after i already did a pair of space tiger sb’s. while i was tryin to tell someone about what i do, i showed them before and after pics on my digicam and said “see, those are space tigers, but now there Outer space tigers!” and that sparked the ideas. now these arnt the first time ive/others done an outer space design before (futurama/earthworm jim dunk high) but i do think im one of the few customizers out really doing it some justice. they both feature a galaxy print on the toes and back panels, while the shades of brown on the midpanels on both of these like they just landed on ground. on the AM lights i decided to go with a speckled look on the white parts that shimmer between red and pearl white just to give it a lil twist. on the back of both the Dunk Lows and on the toungues of the Air Max lights it say “Phone home” and “So Far Gone” respectfully, especially since those titles mean so much to this pair and was on heavy rotation often in my lab.


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3 Responses to Outer Space Tiger Dunk SB low and Air Max Light

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  2. Mickey says:

    Kewl you should come up with that. Ecxlelent!

  3. Precious says:

    That’s not just the best aneswr. It’s the bestest answer!

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