Rocko’s modern life Air force one

almost forgot i did these (its been 2 years since i really posted work on the internet, but ive been busy). this was a customer order. they gave me free range to do what i wanted to do. i didnt wanna go the typical route and just paint characters on the sides of the kicks. ive been getting alot of questions or comments rather about my more simplistic work in comparison to my art heavy pairs. dont get it twisted though, im all for it in most case, but it just seemed like “simple” would be better in this case and others. its one of those style or technique debates. in this case i chose style.  i used rockos outfit and home as inspiration. the toe box and checks are his skin color, the toe guard and lace stay mimick his famous button up shirt, the back heel is his living room wallpaer/paint, and the heel tap is based on the couch he sat on. i made the box logo off center just cause it seemed like a good idea. the hardest part about these was pickin the laces, but once i found my natural colored ones it was a wrap!

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3 Responses to Rocko’s modern life Air force one

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  2. Mike Jasper says:

    Those shoes are so sick! How much would they cost to buy?

  3. mike flip says:

    how much for mens size 11?

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