The Samuri and The Dragon Dunk High

Another customer pair. this one was a hassle kinda. the original shoe i worked on was destroyed in a lil flood i had in my lab due to a hot water tank leakin, so i had to redo the shoes, makin the order take longer and since i wont do the same thing twice, ment i had to innovate an idea nobody even seen since i didnt even have a digicam when i finished the first pair 😦 but once i got a chance i went out and found a premium dunk high to do that seemed sutable a base for my idea since it had the clear sole. thats essential so that when the soles oxidize or “yellow” it will match the upper even more, adding to the theme. anywho the shoes feature a mettalic red and black antique print on the toe and lace stay, Engraved Kanji symbols on the outer panels representing each shoe (left one has samuri, right has dragon) rising sune pattern in the background, but instead of using white i wanted it to look more… aged so i went with a more earthy colored off white. the artwork itself is done in shades of grey. i think i may have used 6-7 shades of grey, ehh, whatever. i also did the box more graphic for him, but the OG box it came it got Destroyed in my mini flood i had, so i just took one of my jordan boxes and redid it. with that said my space jams are yellowing day by day  lol  the irony…

here the shoe i used

heres some work in progress shots, excuse the lack of detail, they were takin with my old cell phone

this is how all my work is, i randomly do stuff, then change it. some call it adlibbing. it goes from this initial idea…

to this

and now

and heres the box

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4 Responses to The Samuri and The Dragon Dunk High

  1. Mannie Fresh says:

    People need to understand the complex genius that goes into these shoes. Never too much explainin lol

  2. j says:

    Another pair done with flawless execution

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