Pigeon Air Max 90

these were based on the infamous Jeff Staple design pigeon dunk of 2005. the thing that made these dunks what they are now are te fact that they were so limited, cops were out at the store, kids were lined up for days outside waiting for them to drop. i think retail was like 250 or something at the time, iono. cops also had to take kids home since people wanted to rob them right around the corner. intense kinda, but yea. plus in 2005 we didnt have the options, like nowadays. but anyway yea i did these since i had the perfect base shoes for a while, plus  i got the hat and shirts, just seemed like a natural progression to do the kicks. i threw in some SB kevlar laces to give a nod to the dunk though, along with the 2 different tones of grey, nike labeling taken off to give me more room to work with on the toungues and back panel.  the tongues are numbered 1 out of 10 just incase i decide o make more, and th other has STPL for staple design, the company owned/ran by the guy who designed the dunk. on the back i threw some pigeons on it instead of doing it on the side or some other way. didnt wanna make it THAT obvious  lmfao  o ad yea, thats bird doodoo on the insole, just cause i wanted to do it.

heres the dunk, there like 2500 dollars roughly,  depends on size

and heres mnes

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4 Responses to Pigeon Air Max 90

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  2. chillz305 says:

    Not a big fan of all leather 90s but nice work all around.

    • miz says:

      yea me niether, all leather ones have nothing on mesh/sude ones, i prolly shoulda some of the leather suede, o’well, theres always next time.

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