Busy P air max 90

i figured if i was gonna showoff the pigeons, i might as well show the busy p air max 90. these were based on the 1 world Busy P AF1. Busy P is a producer across the pond, makin hits for the likes of daft punk. i loved the af1 and figured i could make the idea work on some max’s.  it took forever and a day to do the stitching though. i also gave the check a patent leather finish and i tweaked some of he sayings to fit my personna  lol  Enjoy

heres the Busy P af1’s

heres the base shoe, figured id use somethng a lil harder to find nowadays. (not my pic btw)

and heres my version

and heres me and  gods favorite DJ Clark Kent. he told me my jasons are sick these were CRAZY. made me respectim even that much more!

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2 Responses to Busy P air max 90

  1. Mannie Fresh says:

    *nods head in approval* you got BUSY(see what I did there) on these!

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