Just Q it: Qustom Queen tees and gifts from abroad

so yea i happen to recieve a package from one of my good friends across the water Qustom Queen. once i seen the “Royal Mail” i already knew what it was. she made a limited series of shirts and i put my bid in ASAP! seriously dope, cant wait to pop the tags of this thang!

Also included in my parcel was some of my favorite chocolates from the UK. QQ also put me on to these after she found out we had the same last name and that i love chocolate almost as much as she…

i was pretty bummed to find out that the assorted”Milan” collection got melted on the way here, once i realized it wasnt just one solid piece of chocolate, but a bunch of random chocolate  lol but its cool, as moy big homie Rasta says “IT all goes to the same place”

i still havnt figured out what this is, but i think its the UK version of FourLoco, just pint sized… either way ill be mixing it with Ciroc soon  lol

this boxed chocolate right here son…. WHoooOOOaoaa. its prolly one of the best assorted chocolates box ive ever eaten. most boxed chocolates that are assorted usually have like a few that nobody eats, not this one!

this is what instantly won me over, NO COCONUT ANYTHING! i hate coconut pieces mixed in, and then you bite it, and got coconut in ya mouth. GROSS! the flavors they offer are amazingly good and different then what imuse to. ima see if they ship across the water.


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