Friday the 13th Dunk high Retrospective

since its firday the 13th, i figured what better way to “celebrate” then to re-visit a few pairs ive done over the last few years. i still get emails to make these but alas, i think i need to retire the designs and stuff, plus im burnt out. enjoy though

heres the pir i did for my homie Vic over there at or these are what cause he internet to go crazy! he asked for a slaughtr house video game image or something that i wasnt familiar with, so i happen to say to him “well sine your gonna send me the Jason sb dunk, lemme put Jason on them, its only right”. hes thought about it and lemmedo wht io wanted to do, without seeing what they looked like at all prior to m bringin them to the first annual NC sneaker summit in Raliegh that i flew out fo. tey got alot of lovethere, but the net went nuts. i get at least 10 emails a week aboutthese shoes specifically, which lead to the other versions.

heres the base shoe

heres some in progress shots. most people dont know but i dont sketch my work, i just straight paint, so it takes me a lil longer, but the ideas are fresher baby

and here we have them

and heres me still workin on them when i got to NC at the summit.

heres version 2. i had an order for it an i decided to do a mor full color one. i completed them and Barack Obama was elected president of the free world. ill prolly never forget that.

heres the base shoe

and heres the finished product

heres version 3. i decided to go back to the black and red scale but darking it up a bit. and instead hes kiling a child on this one.

hres the finished product

heres version 4. this was made to be more of a Prequal if you will o my fist pair i mad for Vic. i based the jason image off his movie poster that came out around the same time. this is prolly my favorite pair.

heres the base shoe

heres my version

heres version 5. with this pair i just wanted to make them more low key and paneled differently. the budget wasnt the same for this pair as the thers but im please with thedesign.

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