Deadpool Nike Air Vandals

Did these for my Co-wroker Steve. this is kinda different story maybe. one day we was talkin in the cafeteria and he happen to talk about some deadpool Dunks he seen on some site and how they were so dope, so needless to say i went there and found it to be a photoshopped image (read: not REAL) so i had to let him know what i do. showed him some samples and he was down. so he eventually gave me the shoes one day one day after work. thats when it got interesting. ima simple man, who loves simple stuff. and he happen to present me with the proper simple thing that made me jump on these…

Dunkaroos. yes, dunkaroos. he gave them to me when he gave me the sneakers and i was ready to make it happen. heres the base shoes

so next were theissues. the Leather on these are synthetic, so it dosnt absorb the paint well nor can i properly prep them. i had to try like 3 different ways to make it work. i actully had to repaint these 3 times to get the paint to stick cause once i got farther with the regular painting and went to remove tape or tape a part off it would peel the paint off, or ouldnt coat good and bead up. wasnt what i signed up for  lol  heres a couple shots of the first version i was gonna do, which was gonna be super badass… o and i dont sketch, i just GO. no dis to people who do, i just dont. waste of my time. thats why there Effieciant and im Profieciant.

wat made this even more a headache was that i ddnt wanna do the same image again after trying 2 times to do it properly i felt it was a message from god not to do it lol  so i wentwith a ligter image playing off his humor.

so now onto the kicks. i went with g\a gunmetal grey coat on them with black bullet wounds n them but he showed me the fit and hat he had to match them so i darkerned them up a bit to better match and give a good contrast to the red aswell. did the piping on them gunmetal though to still give it that shooter feel. also i removed the Nike stitching on the back and replaced it with his Government name and alias. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Deadpool Nike Air Vandals

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  2. Steven says:

    The deadpool shoes u did are tite!! I would like to know if you would make a pair for sale??

  3. labon says:

    Great work man

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