InfraMiz Air MAX 90

so yea i made a post last month bout the Infrared air max 90 that dropped recently. well i copped a few pairs to work on and heres pair 1. i based this pair more along the Andre Agassi air tech challenge sneaker from his glorious tenure as a tennis player.  

notice how bright they were back then in the 90’s, damn i miss it

close up of the Factory ATC print

now i havnt done this print since maybe 2007, when i did my dark pheonix air force ones. my colorway then was based more on Barkleys Tenure in the NBA. you might have seen some air force ones release that resemble them release maybe last year (2009) i wanna say. now i dont wanna say i influenced anything but its not the first time an artist has done there take on a product, and nike release something similiar years later (C2/Methamphibian anybody?)

nikes released version

so anywho on this pair  i dyed the whole upper black, painted the check to offset the dyed upper a lil bit, but still in black; added an Air Tech Challenge 2 print to the mudguard in infrared, along with the volt yellow accents. i happen to see the nike varsity jacket in these colors and felt like anything nike would drop would be either A) overly flashy or B)lame. sorry  lol  here the inspiration for the color pallet though

i just swapped the pink for infrared, which is harder to work with as an artist, but eff it. the finale was worth it. too bad i dont see me buying this 500+ jacket, but UNDCRWN got some ill stuff that works well with these

 i also changed the toungue tages to reflect the og tags on a different model, but still an agassi.

what i didnt expect was having to repaint all the infrared parts since nikes infrared is getting gradually duller in tone, this in part because there not made the same, materials, etc. like the foam part of the sole should be duller then say dyed rubber i.e. lace tabs, which is different from leather. w/e

here the base shoe

and here i go. Enjoy

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3 Responses to InfraMiz Air MAX 90

  1. dj red says:

    would really like to buy a pair of the inframiz 90’s. Not sure if you sell but please shoot me an email and let me know.

  2. adam says:

    yo i love what you did with these infareds im pickin up a pair of them today and a pair of prestige 3 hightops. i was wondering how long it would take to have you work on a pair if i sent you shoes. im probably gunna send you ether a pair of infareds or air flights in blue. i dunno what exactly i want done to them but i know i want them . and whats your usual cost for that my dude

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