Seaweed/Nightlife Dunk hi and Candlewax dunk low

all three of these were done for a young lady in Oakland, California. she gives me mainly creative freedom, so i do what i wanna do. the first pair was specific though, she wanted the aea codes on them, and i believe glow n the dark. not sure it was a moment ago.

this next pair was based on a prior pair i made for someone in Chicago that i dubbed the Fever Dunk in 2009

she said she just wanted something with blue, pink, and green on a dunk high that was remniscent of the Fever. so i dug in my bikini bottom bag a bit and dug out some inspiration. i  wanted to do something different, but could seem close. not brothers, but cousins

heres the base

and here we go

very time consuming, but its worth it. the next pair was done on some lows this time around. she wanted some summer colors and i was with it. but thi was also one of those orders that got caught in my mini flood, so i had to redo them. the first time i had yellow in place of where the shades of tan are, and i coated them with a broken glass kinda coating to give them a patent leather look and reflect as such. i also took off the nike branding on the back and put her name there. no confusing who owns these.

heres the base


also the mid panel flips between green and purple depending on where your standing at. definate neck breaker.  

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4 Responses to Seaweed/Nightlife Dunk hi and Candlewax dunk low

  1. i love the bikini bottom joints ryry…and i dont even watch spongebob. but i appreciate the work you did on the last pair. those are dope.

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