Jason Markk V.S. Mizzeecustoms

so ive finally broke down and decided to get a Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution kit. i always wanted one, just didnt feel like paying for one, but i started lookin at a few of my favorite kicks and realized it was super needed.  i must say though, i am truly impressed. its almost 100% natural (like 97% actually) and its safe on almost anything. ive seen all the stuff other people have done with it but till you clean something of yours you wont truly understand how much you need one. here some pics of me cleaning some air max nike ids. i made these back in 2006. only wore them maybe 3-4 times since just because A) i own so many sneakers B) didnt wanna risk getting them dirty beyond cleaning. these color options and materials are not avaliable anymore, so once these got dirty i didnt wanna risk just any ol cleaner on them, so i patiantly waited till i got the Jason Markk P.S.S. heres the results…


now here is where it gets..funny. i got the kit that includes a regular scrub brush, but everything i need to clean is mesh and suede. the brush that came with the kit is too hard, and instead of ordering the soft one specifically for sude i just copped a lil hand held soft brush for hair. worked out properly!

once you get it to sudds up, you just wipe it off with a towel and this is what i got

in comparison to the other sneaker(left shoe clean, right shoe dirty)

and after cleaning both they look almost as new as when i baught them, *ALLMANDAMN*

i decided to clean some other kicks up after this one (stash and ladanian Tomlison air force ones and some shima shima 2 dunk hi’s) and got almost just as good results. i support this product. you should do the same JASONMARKK.com

*but what made me a *sold* customer was not even what i did with it on my kicks, but that i made a mistake of leaving one of the brushes i used to clean some forces upside down on some old dryed up paint i spilled on my new hardwood floor and it took it out asap.

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3 Responses to Jason Markk V.S. Mizzeecustoms

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  2. Johnny Fordham says:

    I need you 2 clean a couple of my J’s…… the red suede 21’s & the Military 4’s. Can you help me out? Just send the info to my email. Yes, I’ll pay top $ for your services. Yours truly, sneaka fiend..

  3. Mark says:

    Damn those came out clean!… I might have to pick up that kit for some of my restorations.

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