Finally, Mizzeecustoms has been Faked.

so… ive finally made it as a successful artist  lol  cause now there making knockoffs of my custom sneakers. yea, knockoffs, variants, certain sites that say B-grade, there all the same and not just exclusive to jordans and forces. it only took them 2 years to get up on the details too  lol  now im not the first, but this is the first for me though. on one hand im flatered, and on the other hand its like damn. o’well. im more mad they spelled my name wrong on the back panel. who the weezy F is Mizzeecustans? its mizzeecustoms! here are some pics of the knock offs… and you know ima point out ALL the wrong stuff to look for  lol

#1 details: the lack of defination is obvious when you see them next to each other, but they did a good job tryin to mimick the details. one thing is they went with 3 shades of grey while mines have 4. plus theres are too hard on the shoe. plus no grey fade on the tabs &back on the knockoffs. plus the body dosnt extend to the other panel. and lets not talk about porportions  lol

#2 Color cut clarity: colors are off  lol  theres is more of a brighter red while mines had a blood red color. then look at the toe box. the jason voorhees dunks come with a grunde kinda toe box that i didnt touch, i wanted to purposely be able to have people to identify with the base shoe instead of thinkin they were a GR. and you can visible see that. then the front panels dont have the 3 tone red fade, just some snake lookin ish. WACK! and then ontop of that, mines has the M logo as most of my products do, theres dodsnt. step it up yall!

#3 font: if you actually look at them theres did a horrible job on the fonts. you cant even read the Friday the 13th on the side  lol and plus the inner panels are horrible, god dude face lookin like its melting   lol  just look at the rest of these….smh the inner panel for the right shoe should be a mask of jason in the dark, see it in my v.3 i did….

and who the fuck is mizzeecustans?

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3 Responses to Finally, Mizzeecustoms has been Faked.

  1. Davey says:

    I have these. 😐

    The moment I got them and saw ‘custans’ I started digging around to see if they were fakes. Fuck my life? 😛 It’s too bad I didn’t see your shoes BEFORE I got those.

    On the bright side it’s not like I don’t like ’em. They’re a nice pair of shoes it’s just a shame they’re not the originals which are looking so much nicer, good job on them man!

    How much do those things go for?

  2. I just got stung on eBay paying £91.00 for a pair of the fakes!
    eBay site name: dk_trainers
    Real name: DEVANG KARBHARI

    I’m currently in a PayPal dispute trying to resolve the issue.

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