what ive been wearing this weekend (wdywtd oct 1-4th)


So far gone AM lights in the morning/afternoon to run some errands, get some supplies, and network.

 un-ds’ed Puma sky II friday night to party. went out with some friends to get some drinks and talk crazy.

thios how i knw when im drunk. i baught and crushed all the Crown Fried bs that i havnt ate since maybe a year ago. i believe crown fried were put in the hood to destroy the community, but where the Ef else ima go and get some Black cherry/Grape/Pineapple/Tahiatian fruit/Cream soda from?  thats how you know it cant be good, just by the flavors they offer in the store  lol  you cant get that shit from a real store like rite aid and walgreens…


went to the mall with my home girl to scoop some boots to do for her for her b-day weekend, and copped some random stuff. johnny cupcakes tee, sweats,and  broke out the Inframiz AM90’s. always breaks necks in public. heres a comparison with the regualr am90’s that i used as the base for yall not in the know

and these the shoe boots we ended up getting, hopefully she likes them when im done 🙂


sock dot com baby 🙂


LBJ7’s…Kobe 5’s, but its wet from the all day rain, so ehh

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