A look back: Nike Air More Uptempo

pssshhh where do i begin… this had to be one of those sneakers that made me love sneakers. i remember clear as day, back in 1996 getting my first pair for school in 7th grade, first year in the junior high. me and my brother picked up the finishline exclusive colorway of white, red, and black. the shoe was mainly white, white the AIR words in varsity red outlined in black 3m. ive never been able to find them ANYWHERE after that. not even pics on the net!. now everyone had these shoes, but they had like the all white ones, all black ones, and then in january the white and carolina ones dropped, but i was the only one in School with that white/Bred colorway. best feeling ever. mind you that was roughly 14 years ago, and the love hasnt died one bit. i passed on the re-release a few years ago cause i wasnt moved by the colorways and prices, but i see they rereleasing them again around december and this one colorway is making me lean towards them. the only thing holding me back… price. i think they want like 160+b for them. thats am95/jordan money. when i first copped them 14 years ago they were $80. so its hard for me to really pay double that for inferior quality nowadays, especially when i seen the retros hit Ross for $35-50 but iono. i like the colorway…


and heres a few of the ones i love, and the ones im lookin for in my size (11-12, ill even do a 10.5 if you find it)

this red pair is for the alternate bulls jersey. well the home one rather, the actual alternate is the black jersey.

this is the pair he wore in the olympics. hence his olympic number on them…

see, back when Shaq shoes wernt in payless/steve and barrys lol

and this pair released not too long ago, house of hoops special. we got one out here but we didnt when these dropped, and i havnt seen anyone selling a pair *sniff*

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