The Eggplant Effect

So apparently Nike has been on a whore mode with this colorway, so i figured id take a look at all the shoes done in this Eggplant colorway. if my memory serves me right, the infamous Eggplant colorway was first used on the Foamposites, made famous by Penny Hardaway. its not just a color btw, its a material that switches tints depending on the way you look at it. these are those

these are also pennys, just a different model

heres some foamposite lites

some sample foamposite lite lows

my homie Emmanuelabor created some Custom foamposite air force one lows too

Foamposite blazers

Nike Big

Foamposite half cents

foamposite Hyperdunks

and something that was better idea then finished product, the FoamDome boots. they heavy as hell for no reason BTW

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