Jose’ Parla Dunk High and Video


These are Based on the Artwork of one of my favorite artist Jose’ Parla. he is one of the few graphitti artist to transcend the limits of what people consider graphitti is. people tend to most think graffitti isnt art for some reason. they just wanna call it vandalism regardless of how beautiful it is, which is bullshit. so its good to see an artist who does graphitti get the respect he deserves from various non-graphitti outlets. i was initially inspired to do a pair after seeing his collab with DR.Romanelli on a custom jacket that blew my mind years ago. the only reason i didnt do it was because quite honestly, i was swamped with orders and didnt think i could execute the idea properly. call it the Avatar effect. 

anyway on to the sneakers. they feature colorchange swooshes that go from green, brown, and black. the brushwork was made to look more like the Marker/brush work that he demonstrates in his work. i decided to utilize his stylistic approach but uniform it to suit my taste and flavor a lil bit.  blue accents are found in the sole stitch and tongue tags. various shades of Browns, tans, yellows, blues, and reds were used to create an aged look. i wanted that old newspaper/stained coffee look. it just adds character. which is also why I used a Vintage dunk high. it gives it that life sorta like vintage jeans have. iono how to describe it.

heres the base

 i got like 12 of these in sizes 10-13. there will be more customs with this base 🙂 i love it that much

 now for what you came for

and here is the custom box

and for your viewing pleasure….

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9 Responses to Jose’ Parla Dunk High and Video

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  2. Justbeast! says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. As a fellow customizer I must ask; how do you get the color change effect on the swoosh?

  3. Kim martino says:

    I’m ur biggest fan! Luv the graffiti: )

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  8. Mary says:

    luv the design ❤ r they 4 sale

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