Torque Air Force one low

Torque is a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate. if that dosnt define neckbreaking… i dont know what does.

this shoe features 3 different shades of teal, a blue meltdown fade on the mid panels, colorchanging swooshes that you can see in the reflection in the sideways shots 😉 , a 3-4 toned rasberry pattern work on the hell, and golden yellow accents found in the toungue tags. lace Dubre’s and heel tab in the back.

o and the inspiration for this pair? i just felt my portfolio didnt have enough Teal colorways  lol  simple as that. people who look for reasons are as dangerous as people who make excuses. on that note, alot of times just do what i wanna do, make it up as a go along, and remain happy. i cant do what everyone likes, so i do what i like. i mean if it was for everyone… it definately wouldnt be custom, right? lol nuff rambling, Enjoy

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