Meltdown Dunk High

from cheese steaks to sloppy joes i have a serious theory that ALL the best sandwiches are prolly the sloppyest one. im talkin the ones where the cheese oozes out, bread super soft and the juices make the meat fall out kinda good! this had nothing to do with these sneakers. these sneakers were actually based on the premise of breakin the boundaries and paneling of the original dunk further then i have with my my first attempt with my Fever dunk highs i did in 2009, with a bit of the colorway of my Hollywood jordan 10’s from 2008. these were actually started in 2009 but never finished til this year. with this pair i wanted to overdose and redefine the term “Ice Cream Paint job” and turn this into a “milkshake makeover”

the sneakers features, well other than the visible amount of colors, a matte finish with a patent leather like finish on the black and white parts that drip, to give it a more wet sloppy look.

here’s the base

and heres the end result

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