Abe Sapien Air force one

Inspired by the Character Abe from the comic book Hell-boy, the design was more based on the movie variation. the shoe features a textured upper to give it a slippery feel to it that also glows in the dark(the effect was added after the pics were taken with my old cam, ill update with a vid or something later), pearl white hash crossed checks, various hues of blue to mimic the nerve endings and markings in his skin, and a teal gel bottom to bring it all together.

heres the character that the design is based on btw

heres the base (i own several different pairs of this base, i love that sole)

and heres the work

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2 Responses to Abe Sapien Air force one

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  2. jamie willis says:

    i love most these customs is there no where that we can get them?

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