WDYWT 11-19-2010 Air Max 90 ID from 2006

decided to bring out the trusty, comfy boys. qualitys way different then now, but not enough to make me not buy the new releases. anyway went out with some friends to celebrate my b-day at the cheesecake factory. ive been jones’n to go since 2005 when i went to the one in florida while i lived there. nice. thank you ladies 🙂

this is the Bananna creme one.  btw my b-day was monday the 15th, but schedules didnt permit fun til today. after the Cheesecake factory festivities i went to downtown Philly to hit my Home girl Jovi’s b-day party. you may know her on some of these sneaker forums as oneflychickwitkicks. on my way off the train i peepe every person in philly crowding broad street. they were filming a new movie called Safe with Jason Strathem(the dude from transporter).

didnt leave the party till like 2 am, got to the bus station and seen ALL the fuck shit. what part of the game is this?!

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