Gremlin Air Max 90

“I’m not a star, somebody lied, I spent a milly on the car
It come alive, never feed it after dark, gotta treat it like gremlin
it’s a multi-million dollar motherfucka in it” Rick Ross “im not a star”

okay so one of my favorite movies growing up was Gremlins. you know the one with Gizmo, the adorable furry creature that wasnt suppose to get wet, fed after dark, and exposed to direct sunlight, and accidently got wet, shartted shedding lil…Offsprings if you will, that ate after dark, and turned into cacoons, only to hatch as Gremlins. first one was dope, second one was cheesey, but funnier and had a female gremlin in it. i wanted to capture that essence of the Gremlin in a fun way on some am90’s.  didnt wanna do a super serious sneaker. highly overratted sometimes.

the sneakers features a few different looks on them. they have a green tonal fade on some Alligator esque print on the mudguard. then taken the same colors that are in the fade, i added a leopard/cheetah print to the upper., then took the 4 same greens and did the plastic portions in it. goes to show you can use the same thing multiple ways and achieve different effects. i think the most noticible thing would be the fact that i took the Air Max logo Badges that are usually on the heel portions off, placed my M sig and attached them to the toungue. havnt seen anybody really do that. wont be the last time you see that either 😉

heres the base, same one i used for the Pigeon am 90’s as well

and heres the work

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3 Responses to Gremlin Air Max 90

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  2. Honey says:

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s imrpeisnsg me! 🙂

  3. Jman says:

    your way to sick

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