Thriller Converse Chuck Taylors

For those of us who may have not know, on November 30th 1982 Michael Jacksons Thriller was released. so you know i had to show the custom Chuck taylors i did  i originally did these for my younger sister who is a michael Jackson fan, as am I.

now this wasnt the first MJ anything i did. when he died i actually ended up doing quite a few shirts for his fans. heres one for example

Now heres the one i did for my homie Bink. his isnt like the ones i was selling, his is fully flooded with stones in the socks and red strips on his pants.

now my sister wanted me to do her a shirt and sneaker combo, so just for her i took care of her. here she is

in all her glory

and here are the Chucksn now. they featured studs, custom vintage look, rips, MJ’s Zombie pic peeking out the ripped left shoe, bunch of crazyness. they started out regular red shoes. i intentionally gave them that used and abused look. enjoy

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4 Responses to Thriller Converse Chuck Taylors

  1. linda heffner says:

    Oh my… how do i get a pair for myself!! this is the most amazing shoe Ive ever laid my eyes on!! i am to a HUGE Michael Jackson fan and i saw this while searching around the internet for M.J. shoes and i came across this amazing pair! is there any way i could possibly get these at all? please get to me asap! god bless!

  2. ... says:

    Where can I buy these amazing shoes?

  3. Zuzia Kinowska says:

    where can I buy these wonderful shoes?

  4. Rafał Rzemek says:

    where you can buy them!

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