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Mobile Organization: Sneakers on the Go

so incase you’re not familiar, im kinda into sneakers. not like a lot of these weirdo “only for display and bragging rights” collectors or anything, more so cause i like nice sneakers. i think there a staple in a persons wardrobe so i own quite a few.  most … Continue reading

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Originator VS. Innovator

for some strange reason this is always a topic of debate. Originator vs. Innovator, which is more important and so forth. me, im more of an innovator. for 1) i believe too many people attempt to create something new so much … Continue reading

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I Put The Team On My Back

 The Shear Commentary and voice is definately worth 10 minutes of my lifetime ill never get back… and not only does he play madden, but damn, his analytical commentary is that of a Genius

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I Gotta Fat Bitch Walk

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