WDYWT NYE 12-31-2010 & 1-1-2011

im late, but i just got my laptop back to workin again, so you already know. anyway i was suppose to go out and spend my NYE with a young PYT but plans fell through, so i was gonna stay in and pop some champagne alone

till my good home Everette hit me up on facebook bout goin to Fridays and hangin with him, and 2 other friends of ours, so then i routed to hang with them. had to break out one of many T.i.t.s. Brand favorite shirts, this time featuring the lovely Tera Patrick.


spent the majority of my time with my youngest nephew when he came over.

he even broke out the Cool Grey Jordan 11’s that i got him for x-mas, NICE!

later that evenin i had to run out and ended up at my homie Kev crib since he invited me over for dinner and i missed it, i still wanted to make it there and show some love. on the way i had to pop the Moet Rose’ since i only drank the white Imperial on NYE. o and as far as the sneakers go, i un-ds’ed my Oreo air jordan 6’s and wore them both days.

this was my first time having this perticular Moet Rose’ Nectur Imperial, and its fine and all, but i preffer the one in the green bottle (Rose’ imperial) one over the clear bottle one. just taste better imo. Champagne dosnt get me drunk though, which is why the Ciroc chaser is needed 🙂 and if you dont know bout that Nantucket Nectur…smh

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