Carbon Fiber Bugatti Lebron James VII

first off let me say, i love the Lebron James VII. in my personal opinion, the LB7 is a perfect shoe. hard to really mess it up. it was something i wanted to customize ever since i seen it first in teasers on Various sneaker blogs i frequent. the sleek look along with the ability to wear them off the court instantly makes these a classic to me. with that said i knew i had to get them all, and at least do a pair. ive done 4 different versions since they’ve been out. this is one of them. the idea was sparked from an interview i read with Jason Petrie (the designer of the LB7) on SneakerNews. among all the great things i learned, i came across this that just made this pair a must.

after reading that, a lot of things clicked, like why all his shoes have carbon fiber in them. there are various Models of the Bugatti that feature Carbon Fiber, so instead of basing it on just 1 model, i went with a more Amalgamation of inspiration for the pair.

this version is fully covered in Carbon Fiber, brushed Aluminum highlights, with the red BUGATTI logo standing out. that is what inspired the design to these sneakers. it just seemed like a perfect flow to me.

so now onto the sneakers.

the sneakers feature 4-5 different shades. meaning the swoosh, flywire section, toe cap, and accents are different depths of the gunmetal shade. so its uniform, but with some type of level. the inside of the swoosh and the toe cap have a lenticular effect to them, so it can look solid but you see the carbon fiber print in them depending on the angle you hold them. the toe cap also has a patent leather finish as well to still flow with the LB7s as most of them have that. the inner heel panel logo is also the Bugatti logo. its an E&B, the initials of the founder, which is on all the Bugattis.

here is the original base shoe.

and the end result

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15 Responses to Carbon Fiber Bugatti Lebron James VII

  1. Mannie Fresh says:

    the medial panel is so dope!
    these go hella hard…and thats sayin alot since Im one of the few that dont even like the VII’s

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  8. Jonathan says:

    Hey miz, just wondering man how much are the LeBron Bugattis?

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  13. Peggy says:

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inrceidble!

  14. CeeJay says:

    How do I purchase some of these shoes

  15. Tyler says:

    How much might these be?

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