SoleCollector: AF1 Special Edition Retrospective

happen to be diggin in the lab lookin for something and found the solecollector mag me and a bunch of other artist were in. there were 2 covers. the one with alot of air force ones on it (since it was a air force one dedicated issue) and this one for the members. i got this one for free since i was accepted to be in it, but its not like i didnt buy 4 copies once i seen my kicks in it  lol

thats DJ Clark Kent btw. the mag featured some good interviews from people who had crazy collects like my man Quinn (QHinc if you frequeted the forums back in the day. mighta even copped some of his kicks off eBay), Chi Mcbride, and the man known as Mayor… before everyone else knew him as Mayor

o and heres my pair for the mag. it was for a af1 contest. i didnt win. didnt even think i could have a chance. if anything, im mad i didnt put my myspace up there  lol  people prolly were lookin for my site to get redirected to some BS site. sorry folks 😦

tons of talented people came with there A game, and i was just happy to be there. im pretty sure now though alot of the artist in there would be able to make it a tougher decision for the judges easily. considering this was about 4 years ago. but if it wasnt being outshined by other artist in the mag, and shear competitiveness, i wouldnt be where im at today with it… whereever that may be  lol  so thank you SoleCollector, for everything-Miz

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2 Responses to SoleCollector: AF1 Special Edition Retrospective

  1. Tecknicolor says:

    It used to be so much fun back then lol…….(*sigh*)……..memories

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