Mobile Organization: Sneakers on the Go

so incase you’re not familiar, im kinda into sneakers. not like a lot of these weirdo “only for display and bragging rights” collectors or anything, more so cause i like nice sneakers. i think there a staple in a persons wardrobe so i own quite a few.  most people who see me may not know this because i tend to wear the same 2-3 shoes all the time(usually a trainer of sorts). why you ask? well for one im always working, or paintin, which is another job in itself, and i refuse to wear it just to wear it; and also because unlike those “keep them in plastic” guys i wear mines, but i gotta kinda be fresh to break out the nice stuff. Honestly, theres nothing like breaking out the right shoe with the right fit…

i mean, i basically buy shoes to accent my freshness, so its only right. the problem is when i go shopping for clothes, i always forget what i own to match anything, or vice versus. i may have a pair that i really wanna wear, but i need the right outfit or something for it, but i forget about it and never cop anything for it. so to fix that, ive came up with the greatest idea EVER! ima put all the sneakers i need stuff to match with on my cellphone!

okay maybe not the BEST idea ever, but still. i just got my new cell phone in. it’s a HTC Touch Pro 2. i originally had the Tilt and broke it same time last year. so basically ive struggled with my old prepaid phone from maybe 2004 that barely worked, so this was definitely a move needed.

so now since i have a phone that can handle the pictures and stuff properly, theres no reason not to do it! With that said i basically spent all weekend trying to do this. i really didn’t know this was gonna be as tedious as it became. here’s about 1/3 of what i i had to add to my Phone over the weekend

which doesnt include the base shoes i use for work/orders or the stuff that im working on (that pile is climbing up the wall in my other corner). Shoot even the few Customs that i Keep/wear are kept in the top of the closet to not mix them up(we call this section the Museum).

i did roughly a third of my collection every day, and finished on sunday, so now my phone is filled with pics similar to this

so now i dont even have to think “is this the same purple as the grapes?” when i randomly see something nice to wear, i just scroll and *POW* its there.

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