Originator VS. Innovator

for some strange reason this is always a topic of debate. Originator vs. Innovator, which is more important and so forth. me, im more of an innovator. for 1) i believe too many people attempt to create something new so much so just to say its “original”, no matter what the final outcome is. they’ll sacrifice quality just to be the “first to do so-and-so” which is basically like a set up to fail. i believe Quality should always be at the forefront of whatever is done. 2) i believe nothing is original. Nas said it best “nothing under the sun is new” so with that kinda of logic i execute accordingly. i believe innovation is the forefront of everything.  i mean, the Car wouldn’t be a car without the wheels, and the wheel is basically a redefined rock. i think the innovation of that rock makes everything else work. i strongly believe good innovation is more important than simply being “original” for the sakes of being it. not to say that i don’t like originality, but ive seen so many set that as their goal over simple innovation that it doesnt meet the quality that innovation brings. i do also believe you can create something original from enough innovation. consider this, if i give you an idea, and you add to it, then some one else adds to it, then someone else takes it, and adds to it, makin it better, then eventually its something totally different then what it was supposed to be, which can be dope. i guess end of the day, your either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs…

here’s some examples of how i see innovation from inspiration in footwear. i love a good design that transcends different models and still looks good.







sometimes tho, nothing beats the original. case in point…



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3 Responses to Originator VS. Innovator

  1. Fusscustoms says:

    Check out one of my customs:

    Originator Puma, innovator Nike

  2. Sean Nana says:

    This is a great post. It exemplifies what has been killing me inside. Nothing is truly original to me these days. But it’s the innovation that we’re attracted to, which originality is sometimes a result. Well said, brother. You should check out http://www.everythingisaremix.info/ . Has some great points about “originality.” ..I only checked out Part 1 and Part 2.

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