Space Jam Air Max Lebron VII

okay so… funny/odd inspiration. The coveted Space jam jordan XI (not to be confused with the “Bugs bunny” jordans, those are the 8’s) dropped around x-mas of 2009, created all kinds of frenzys, camp outs, all the BS.

i mean, it was so bad people were hyping over the packaging. like REALLY!?. i wont front though, considering what you normally get, it was dope tho…

through out all the hype i manage to snag 2 pairs. even worse, they were my size 11.5-12. the problem was that, everyone i knew needed them, and they also wore my size. so me being the almost good guy i tend to be, i sold them my pairs (not even for much over retail, $200 flat). sometimes you gotta pay what you owe, and when they come through for me as usual, you gotta return the love. plus people was selling them for stupid money after they dropped. even more so when Lil Wayne wore them in the performance of “Forever” on an award show

so yea, with that factor, and the small one of jordan wearing these to begin his 3-peat for the 2nd time made it a tad difficult to reup on them for reasonable price, even nowadays

so enter the Lebron VII, my favorite designed Basketball sneaker as of late. i think its really only 3 of the ones that went to retail that i dont own.  im definatly a fan of them. so when i seen the Hero pack last year that was a Friends and Family thing i was drooling. each pairs design was inspired by the Sports figures Lebron looked up to growing up

like Deion Sanders

Penny Hardaway

and last but not Least, Micheal Jordan

now, once i seen these i was amazed at how they took the designs of these atheletes signature shoes at the time and transitioned the standout features and made it work. even more impressive is the friends and family version, of a friends and family sneaker… which makes just as much sense to me, as it prolly does to you reading that. this is the different version of the Jordan 11 Bred inspired LBJ 7

and once i sen this pair i was thinkin “damn they shoulda did a Space Jam version, that would have been dope” and SHAAZZZAAAAAM, an idea was born.

now my pair is based on the Space jam Jordan 11, but instead of patent leather, i decided to keep the original satin sheen of the material on the toebox. addes a nice bit of depth, keeps it different, but you can still see the inspiration easily. enough of my ramblings, heres the pics

and in the video there right after the Hare Jordan VI

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14 Responses to Space Jam Air Max Lebron VII

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  8. Bigb says:

    Can I buy a pair?

  9. Ryan Hayes says:

    Yo, I’m trying to buy a pair of Lebron VII space jams 10.5 from you but every time I try go to check out it says “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.” I

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  12. Kidkicks says:

    Wanna buy a pair of these. How do I get to the store?

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