Rising Starr Air Max 2010

this pair of Air max 2010’s were done for one of my favorite travel agents. shes owns here own company called RisingStarr (a play on her last name Starr). this isnt the first time we have collaborated on an idea, if you ever checked my 2009 Portfolio you may have seen the Air Max 95’s and box i did with the similar sun set beach theme

which is inspired by here business logo colors purple, orange, and yellow. i also painted the door to her office a few years ago as well

i wanted to capture that getaway feeling that i get from a vacation, the feeling that she should convey to her customers, and have that extend to outer space, symbolizing that the sky isn’t the limit if there is footprint on the moon…right?  😉

so with all that being said this i did this specific pair for her as an updated look. figuring the am 2010 was so revolutionary in what it was to me, and it was like a direct reflection of how she wanted to be the same and has changed her direction all the same. it was just so right imo.

now on to the sneaker, here is the base. a lot of the ones i seen were generic, except the Volt colorway from the Air Attack pack, so i went with that

and viola, the finished product

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