WDYWT: 2-14-2011 Lebron 8

so first off, I didn’t really Celebrate V-day. i did last year, but this year, it was Singles Awareness Day for me. I don’t even know why, im actually a pretty decent looking guy when I get dressed…

this is what i wore for the day, actually ended up takin my All Things Regular fitted off later tho, let the waves Breath

Ironically tho, V-day is a Holiday for women, so we pamper them heavily; or Should. on Singles Awareness Day However i was pampered. its funny, i think ive copped roughly 13 pairs in 31 days (that dosnt include projects and Orders), and told myself no more at least till summer, and then this came

which instantly turned 13 pairs, into 18 pairs… which doesnt include a few im still waiting for..SMH

  that evening i ended up at my Homie Kevs crib. it was his Daughters b-day today, so it was only right that i make a special appearance and bring her and her sister something nice. well, other than me and my randomness

Decided to un-DS my Lebron 8’s

pretty comfortable. i love the fit. just hugs your foot in a way that’s crazy imo. i prefer the 8 V.2 fit more though, has more of a… give, when you walk. that and plus i think they look better on foot than in pics or store displays. just like the Foamposites imo.

but i will say the Fit of the 8 is better, my favorite design wise is the 7. My Homie Kev also Un-DS his work boot feet…

he my man, but sometimes its a “WTF you be doin with your feet son?!” im real particular bout my feet ever since i got stranded in Florida back in 2006 and had to wear the same shoes and socks for a week solid… but he still the homie, so i ride for him REGARDLESS

messin with Him he gave me a shot of this stuff, and now ima fan. #Sold

but you know i always bring my own drink. even shared with the couple, cause that’s what you suppose to do. sip, and pass to the team, even Jesus did it; but i don’t drink after people, so they had to get they own cupfuls

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