WDYWT 2-17-2011 Griffey Max 1 Silver

At 66 Degrees in the winter, Today was a nice day in the City to run some errands. Decided to Un’DS my Silver Griffey’s. prolly one of the illest colorways in this shoe imo. and i have so much stuff that i can wear with them that i owned subconsciously that they will get some real wear this year.

Weather was so good i had to rock it with this Calvin Klein button up i happen to have. i think i own a plaid button up to match virtually every sneaker i own. a true addiction.

Anyway, i had to go to downtown Philadelphia to meet up with my Sister in Law and drop off a pair of Lebron 8s to her for my Older Brothers friend and decided to stay a lil bit since it was a nice day.

so since i was already up around 18th and market i was on my way to Ubiq to see if they had the Js GID wings i wanted but hit the Buffalo Exchange up first. B.e. is one of those “sell your used stuff at a profit” kinda store. good for the True vintage stuff. they had a few Gems tho that are noteworthy. anyone remember these?

yup, they were a womens 12, which is a mens 10.5. definite OG status. people use to hunt hard for those. guess how much at B.E.? 26 bones. these too

i never really liked this version since i got the Hyperstrike version of the year of the dog af1, but for $26, not a bad look if your interested. after this i hit up Guess on Walnut. Once you get past the heavy Metro vibe (Unless thats you thing)you can truly shop/browse. they always have the dope button ups to match kicks i got though

my camera tints the cell phone pics, but in person they were pretty spot on. here’s the same pic i took the day i was posting most my collection to my Cell phone (Click HERE for that Recap) 

purple on the sneakers might have been a shade darker, but not enough to turn me off to it. this was dope too imo for the Eddie Cruz af1 highs

after leaving there I finally get to Ubiq. theres a small but not normal crowd of people outside. (Shouts out to dude with the Parra Patta Jacket on, dope)

 thats when it hit me these B.I.N. Jordan V was droppin Friday the 18th.

i wonder how many of these purchases will end up on Ebay…

Ubiq didn’t have what i wanted yet, said they should get them soon tho. A few dope fitteds aside, they didn’t really have much of anything i wanted.  i almost copped these PlayCloths ProKeds though. i always liked them but i think they look better in my hands, then on my feet

after that i got ambitious and made a B line to the Adidas store on South street. on foot might i add. i love walking and catching the dope artwork on the buildings randomly on broad st.

this is one reason i love philly. only here can you see such dopeness, in the buttcrack one way street alley, next to a Subway…

that and they be havin some of the funniest store next to each other. like 1 store that sells knock offs and the other that sells tier 0 stuff next door to each other. crazy. like this spot sells these silver plastic “Barbie” chains

and this one that sells the iced out bands,  Gucci watches, and chains. you already know who the M’s for, right?

finally get the Adidas store, and they have them, but only in a 12.5. had to pass. but they did have a few other interesting things. even these.

or if you a bad female in the need to get ya Brett Hart on you can cop these

i swear Brett Hart single-handedly invented what these young people call “Swag”

just look at him. nobody was wearing Leather jackets, Reflective shades, and pink like this. you couldnt tell Brett NOTHING… or he’d put your ass in a Sharpshooter

even when he got his snot box rocked his Swagger was on a Hundred. Thousand. Trillion

but they did have the new Star Wars pack, which is crazy. these 2 right here are dope ideas, but too… Childish looking for me. not childish like immature, but childish like the Payless joints with the ninja turtles on them. i can see someone rockin the hell out of them and crushin the right fit with them tho

but i did see this one track jacket that kinda called my name. had to bring it home with me (No Cam’ron).

then the back is just screamin attention. usually i want something a bit more… subtle, but i said eff it. gotta get outta character at least twice in a while

and i ended up bringin these back from the Exchange for $26. ill do something to these Court Force highs eventually

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