RaSheed Wallace AllStar Air Force one


Rasheed Wallace may go down as one of those players that wont be remembered  for his contribution to the Game, being a MAIN reason Detroit Beat the lakers in the Finals as well as helping Boston take the Lakers to 7 games; as much as his All Time record-setting amount of his Technical fouls.

 to sneakergeeks like me however, they know him as the only NBA player really to actually play ball in Air Force ones in our era. i think he has worn only 1 other model other then an air force one High in the NBA at some point in his career.

he always had Air Force ones based on whichever team he played for aswell, some just for him (Player Exclusives) and some for Retail. i mean, what else did you think they made the Rose Garden AF1 highs were for?

he also is a 4 time NBA allstar.those Early years the kinda slacked on him, but his last 2 year go around Nike actually made him 2 pairs of Special AllStar Game AF1’s for him to sport in the games.

and these the following year they Enlarged the Sheed-man logo.

now i was never really found of his allstar kicks. just seemed like a bunch of randomness for sakes of saying their “Exclusive”. i think my favorite allstar Air force ones has to be the ones made for the AllStar weekend in Denver back in 2005

definately was one of the first AF1’s that i really wanted and didnt know HOW the hell to get. i needed these. still do to some extent. even when they made the Kids version in he summer of 2010 with the same color blockin i still kinda yearn for it

i think i solved that problem now though.  🙂 heres the base shoe

as far as the Alternations go i went for the ASG af1 look, with the Sheed feel since it’s a high. took the lettering off the heel and replaced it with his Pistons Number 30 since those were prolly his glory days (back to back Finals appearances). decided last-minute to run with a White Ankle Strap as well.

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