WDYWT 2/26-2/27 Eddie Cruz Air Force One High

Another beautiful day in the city. decided to hit downtown up to see if they had the Red Griffeys and to check the playoff jordan 13’s out in real life, but ended up meeting up with my older brother and hanging with him, my sister-in-law, and Nephew for the weekend

felt like un-deadstocking something so i broke out the Eddie Cruz AF1 high.

had these on ice for what feels like forever. wanted to break them out over the summer since they just seem so stylish to me; but high forces don’t really seem like a summer shoe to me. The cut just makes them more of a winter look in my opinion, so i knew these were gonna sit. Especially this pair specifically, they are made for the winter weather. they don’t even really crease, along with the .44 sticky inside out sole their pretty much made for bad weather (the .44 sole gives better traction ala ACG)

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One Response to WDYWT 2/26-2/27 Eddie Cruz Air Force One High

  1. Ryan Hayes says:

    You from Philly? I’m trying to buy a pair of kicks from you but it says your not receiving payments at this time. We could meet up downtown instead.

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