Widows Peak Air Max 90 & Air Force One

Inspiration comes in the strangest forms sometimes. this custom Air max 90 and Air Force one set is based on the Black Widow spider, yet inspired initially by Kobe Bryant. not really, but more so by the Sneaker box for the Kobe VI

more importantly the word Venomenon. the clever play on phenomenon, is the initial inspiration behind these 2 pairs. originally i was given an order to do the Air max 90 by a good customer of mines in Oakland named Mary whom ive done roughly 4-5 pairs for (Check out Marys 1 of 1’s here). she requested i do an Air max 90 this time, and told me she was pretty fond of this Euro pair and its blocking

with that base idea i decided to try to kick it up a lil bit and infuse the 2 ideas together. give it her the Euro air max 90 feel, with the Venomous aspect. i played with a few colorways while maintaining the same blockin, which can be tedious, and came up with this rough draft

 but i ended up liking the colorway so much that i had to utilize it a lil bit more. enter the air force one.

Now this isnt the First time ive used this kind of colorway, ive done it to some Air Force ones for a customer in Arizona back in 2008 called the DayGlow.(Check out DayGlow AF1)

 which makes this interesting to me as a challenge to seperate myself from myself and my past work which i love to do.  i happen to have some forces i had bought in december of 2009 sitting in the lap that i had started to do something too but never had the time to really work on due to the crazy amount of orders i take and “Writers Block”. once i tweaks the colorway a lil to better suit the upper, it was a go here are the base shoes

and for the AM90’s

and now on to the shoes.

AM90 Details: instead of a normal purple, i decided to go with an Eggplant Purple like the one on the foamposites. the mudguard has a 3 tone Venomous webbing print, that fades from darker to lighter going up. a Mettalic Pink makes its way in the mix on the lower Lace panels and on the outer heel panels as Cobwebs on both shoes as well as hint in the tongue and side tabs. the back heel panels feature a black widow and the words “Widows Peak” in the Eggplant Purple. the back heel tabs also have been moved to the tongues on the shoes just because that’s how i like my omelette.

she also requested i make her a shirt for her to wear with them due to my past as a Handpainted T-Shirt Artist, so i obliged her as well

pic looks funny to me, but its pretty perfect match in real life.

Now for the other pair…

Air Force Ones Details: the Air force ones are a lil different. they feature a more prominent rustic gold toe cap and Tongue tags; metallic pink accents in the Stitching on the swooshes, heel, sole, and tongue liner. the heel panel features a 5 tone dark to light tonal fade with the Venomous webbing print. the mid panel features a Purple Croc print that had some pink metallic hues to it that was already on the sneaker. i liked it, so i kept it

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One Response to Widows Peak Air Max 90 & Air Force One

  1. neil says:

    These look awesome how much for a pair of the air max 90?

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