Parra Patta Air Max 90

if you’re a frequenter of the site you may have noticed i showed you a Air Force one Inspired by the Parra Patta AM1 in my Originator VS Innovator post. well, here is the B-Side. This pair is solely based on the Air Max 1 designed by Parra and Patta. Patta is a Store in Amsterdam, while Parra is a local artist. they designed tons of Projects, most are pretty impactful on the Sneaker couture if you know it or not. such as the Amsterdam Air max 1

heres a sample am1 that never released (Said to only be 3 in existence)

all the way up to this Pair that i need in an 11.5-12 (If you got it for sale hit me up!!!)

but none of these (Aside the Amsterdam’s maybe) that were released have garnered the attention that these have gotten

they also did the HomeGrown air max 90 that dropped in 2005

the orange pair is the Rarer Version, but the green ones are doper imo

i figured it would be an interesting idea to merge an idea together to see the outcome. especially when i had the base sitting in the Lab for a few years waiting on something to be done

so let’s get into the sneaker. its has that Burgundy wine colored upper (which looks crazy shiny in pics due to the lighting) rainbow play doh’ outer sole, a lighter blue/teal swoosh and yellow accents. 

and just because the colorway seems off in pics to me, heres a more umm.. general pics to see the color pairing. hmmm. might wear these tommorrow if its nice

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