WDYWT 3-4-2011 Lebron VII Black/White/Gold

today i had to hit downtown Philly and meet up with a customer about a pair of Lebrons he wants me to do. originally he wanted the Space Jams but the more we talked he expressed his need to have something unique and wasnt sure i could met the challenge… he must not know who i am  lol  anywho we had to link up for the priliminary down payment and i had to go get some stuff so it worked out well. Decided to un-DS my Lebron VII’s in the Black/white colorway. Gold is used in the Highlights. Ironically, my Customer had on the China Moon LBVII’s…Great minds think alike 😉

threw that on with my Qustom Queen Tee i had in the stash and it was a go! Thanks again Wifeness!!!

while im out i tend to randomly take different routes to the normal spots. makes it more of a adventure instead of chore imo. came across this painted in a parkin Lot

if you look at it closely, youll notice its painted to look digital. think digi camo. Pretty dope

also seen this when i went to pick up a pair in Ubiq, pretty funny

and what did i actually pick up today? my GID Jwings and the Summit Lebron 8 v.2.

while everyone was hyping off the Entourages i fell in love with these when i first seen real pics online. First shoe i ever copped on release day since maybe the Tiffany dunks, and before that it was the Bred Jordan 9’s back in 2002.

cant wait to Rock my Jwings with my All Things Regular Fitted i got from RegularolTy‘s OnlineStore. Thanks Ty!

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2 Responses to WDYWT 3-4-2011 Lebron VII Black/White/Gold

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  2. Lola says:

    That’s way the bestest aswner so far!

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