Cake Boss: A Tale Of CupCakes And Calenders

Today i recieved some pretty dope things in the mail today, figured id share. i finally got my Lauren Luna LTD 2011 Custom Sneaker Calender and a few Johnny Cupcakes shirts in.

the Calender is dope since it features beautiful women, wearing custom shoes by ms Luna. shes an artist based out of Ohio. if i was gonna do a calender, i would do it like this

i mean every month is themed with a setting and custom sneakers to match the themes. once i went to March, i knew i had to hae her..err…. this 😉

thats Beauty the beast… no.. thats her “model” name…Right… so yea after browsing through even more the Scorpio in me cant wait till November now! Get yours HERE

speaking of CAKE i also got some JohnnyCupcake shirts in aswell.ive talked about them HERE before, and i like alot of what JohnnyCupcakes provides; plus its low run, limited, and fun stuff. i love it.


now here is a lil lesson for you up and comming brands out there. its called Attention to detail. the one thing i love about JohnnyCupcakes is the Attention to detail in every step of the product. the custom tissue paper is dope, but the Chrome sticker to bind it… Nice!

then when you unravel it, you have your shirts in sealed plastic bags, and a few goodies they tend to throw in. 

thiers a small package they include with all their packages that include a “throwback” baseball card (usually i always get power ranger ones), a mint, a JC pin, and usually a lil paper telling you about some of their adventures

heres a listing of there stores. there’re 4, 2 in his hometown state of MA, 1 in LA, and the new one in London

i like the facct that they’re putting the CupCake logos on the back, ima sucker for Logos on the back

even though these shirts are dope imo, i will say the BEST Johnny Cupcakes shirt i ever got was from my Beautiful Friend Sydney. she picked it up for me when Johnny came out to ATL on his SuitCase Tour.


i found this to be a dope aspect of the shirt under the bottom hem

and the logo is my fave. Marks the tee forever as Vintage now that its 2011. thanks again Syd, love ya girl!

Now im not new to this brand or anything, im just always impressed with them. everytime ive gotten something from them it was just an amazing…experience. ill prolly always support them till i take what i wear too serious. even then, i may still paint in them tho

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