Took My Talents To The South Beach Lebron 8


so a young man reached out to me on my Youtube Recently about refurbishing his South Beach Lebron 8’s. this is my first time seeing them in person, and there pretty nice. 

im more amazed at how a size 9 LB8 is barely even bigger the the “Wing span” of my fingertip to my thumb…

any way the young man seems he happen to wear them a few times, and one day went to clean them, using a Magic Eraser and a Foot Locker water proofer and somehow removed the finish on them


after talkin a bit about them he felt confident in my skill set and trusted me with his “Holy Grails” i know this, because he wrote it on the box 😉

First thing that had to be done was a thorough cleaning. Jason Markk Kit to the Rescue

not that they were crazy dirty, but i needed to make sure they were really Clean prior to matching the colors right. the 2 shades i mixed down are different. ones warm, the others cool. a dirty shoe can effect that color choice

once the colors were right it was just sheer prep and recoating, and  then you walk away with something like this

hopefully he likes them when he receives them

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One Response to Took My Talents To The South Beach Lebron 8

  1. sneakerkyng says:

    that was a very good save much respect !!

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