Drunkle Dunk High

“I still shine light down on all my peers/ i know they weird and…Some Queer.. i still want them to share/ in all the Success i receive/ i know you can’t believe i still love’em but they dont love me… they like the Drunk uncle in ya family…”-Jay-z

this pair is the 2nd in my Artist series of Dunk highs im doing. If you Remember in 2010  i did the Jose Parla Dunk highs . This time i wanted to give props to a Graffiti artist named Futura (and Futura2000 Respectfully)

Aside from his Unique style, he is Known mainly for his different signature details.

 the Pointman

these small yet symmetrical cone sprays
"Strategic Synchronicity" by Futura

and the Atom logo

personally I love his work. its weird, yet captivating. the execution is more of why i like it tho, it’s a skill level that’s gained from experience and gets me highly Motivated

He has also worked with Nike on Numerous Projects that are Highly Coveted by sneaker connesuirs like myself, like these Flom Dunk Highs (For love of Money)

Ever wondered what the FL stood for? Futura laboratories. his brand.

i remember i actually attempted to make a pair of these, but in the Low Version back in 2008. They ended up in the “To-Do” Pile of my lab and then was trashed after the flood of 2009… might have to try to again soon 😉

but prior to that i also applied the Money print to some lebron Air Force ones that came out with the Premium leather back in 2006, had them on display at the FunkMaster Flex Carshow in Atlantic city as well

 This pair is based on an idea i had around the same time in 2006 that took a turn for the Better/Worse. Originally,  i wanted to combine 2 of my favorite dunks Designs and Colorways/Blocking

the Futura “Dunkle” Dunk high

The Unkle dunk was a collaboration between Nike’s SB division, music/toy group U.n.k.l.e. and  Futura back in 2005. highly sought after and rare-ish. here the OG artwork that was made for them

and the Heineken dunk low

the Heineken dunk was actually a Miss for Nike SB, Ended up going to Nike outlets and selling for $50 or so, till Nike ended up pulling them due to a copyright infringement with Beer company Heineken, thus making people scoop them all up like crazy. now there highly difficult to obtain, rare, and the price for them has risen to the extreme. they came out with some  Reebok omnipump lites similar, but it’s just not the same

i know, they have nothing to do with each other; which made perfect sense to me, since i dont really think, i just react, like Kenneth Cole…

this was the Original Sketch for them, and i was and still am happy with it. so much so that once i saw the base, i knew it had to be done, but i was swamped with orders (as usual) and had to sit on it for like a year or so

 My plan was set! Everything was perfect. Until i did the Box before i was done the Sneakers. Once i did this box… i just felt the Shoes wouldn’t live up to the Box :/

Not just that, but i happen to send a pic of it to the big homie EL and This Convo Assured me that i had to Revamp it, JUST to match the box!

I decided to stick with my OG Colorway kinda, but the execution had to change. i had to make it more along the lines of Futuras work, and with that said… Here are the Drunkles.

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