3m French Blue Carbon Fiber Bugatti Lebron VII



If you remember i did a pair of Carbon fiber Lebron james VII in January. along with that pair was a Video recap, where i explain the background and inspiration to them

Also in the video towards the end i respond to the critism ive recieved prior to people actually seeing the sneaker. i was told that this dosnt do the Bugatti justice since it wasnt in the French blue colorway which is a Trademark of the Bugatti.

Personnally i wasnt going for a Tribute sneaker originally as i explained in the video, but im always down to do a customer request or good idea, if someone wanted to pay for them. needless to say, someone did 🙂 so along with updating the Colorways i also had to udate the idea a tad bit. similiar to the way Bugatti has updated their vehicles, i needed to do so

this time, i wanted to give the shoe a 2 tone feel, similiar to the Veyron in the photo. i love the way it looks and wanted to utilize that this time at least once. i also wanted to make this different from the v.1 without just switching the colorway. therefore making them 3m reflective was the way to go. just like the 112 LB7 has

those 112’sare definately one of my favorite LBVII’s, too bad they didnt release to the public. ever since i seen them in person at the FunkMaster Flex Car show last year at Mayors table i really needed them, might have to make me a pair 😉

anyway on to the sneaker. heres the base shoe. ironically, its the brother Pair to the ones used in the original CF pair. some call these the Duke edition, but im no Grant hill (word to Jalen)

and heres are the French Blue Carbon Fiber 3m Lebron VII, with and without flash

o and yea, he got both versions, a 1 of 7 next to a 1 of 1 🙂

and you know how i dont like people thinking my pics are photoshoped, or some crazy camera tricks, so heres some normal pics

without flash

and with flash

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14 Responses to 3m French Blue Carbon Fiber Bugatti Lebron VII

  1. Custom Shoes says:

    You painted 7 pairs of the first red Bugatti Lebrons? shit I’d imagine you are tired of painting that carbon fiber pattern.

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  7. atl-sneakerkorean says:

    i dont understand how u are able to outline the swoosh

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  9. Blake says:

    do you actually paint the shoes such as the Lebron 8 customs that you have done or do you tear it apart and put new leather on???
    P.S. You are amazing at customizing shoes however in the heck that you do it

  10. Blake says:

    how much would it cost to send you a pair of Lebron 8 Blackouts and have you redo them?????????

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