Raptor Lebron 8

Whenever you say Raptors, You SHOULD immediatly Imagine Vince Carter. More Specifically him Winning the The Slam Dunk Contest With some of the best Dunks EVER in my Lifetime

 Actually, to be more specific, when i think of Vince Carter, i think more Specifically on when he Slam Dunked over this 7 foot 4 guy in the 2004 Olympics almost Effortlessly. This people, is what Posters are made of

This Pair has nothing to do with Vince Carter tho (Sniff).  i did these for a Customer who reached out to me on my Twitter. after a few back and forths of ideas we went from originally doing the Cement Jordan 3’s to talking about Lebron 8’s.  After Running a couple ideas by him i mentioned doing a pair in the “Retro” NBA Raptor Purple Away Jersey Colorway

definately the dopest of the 3-4 that they use to wear, but the throwback jersey is definately one of the best that i always wanted back in 2003-04

regardless, me and the Customer were talking about some of the Possibilities and after i mentioned the Raptors colorway he was down. Sorta one of those “If Bosh stayed in toronto, would he wear them?!”

So on some Level, you could call this an “Ode to Bosh”. The True Irony of this is that Today, March 24th, its Chris Bosh’s Birthday, so but Happy Birthday Sir!

BTW, does anyone remember this tho? lol

My Original idea was something a lil Different, with more meaning Specifically to Lebron, but ill save that for Later ;). i changed it to better Suit the Base shoe since he wanted to Provide it

the Bred 8 is definately one of my favorite colorways to release (v.2 included). it was one of those shoes that i didnt like at first, then it grew on me when i seen them in person. if you Remember i Wore a pair on Valentines Day (Check my WDMWT Post Here). its more like a Luxery Basketball Sneaker feel. i mean Really, Suede on a Basketball Sneaker CANT be Practical

anywho on to the Sneakers. i decided to run with a Pearled Purple Upper. Not Quite Eggplant, Not Quite Mettalic, but definately eye Catching. had to change the sole to Black along with the toungue to force the Red Details to stand out more; Along with Chrome Accents On the Toungue as well as the Speckling on the sole for the added detail without overworking it. Enjoy

Also, Speaking of Coincedences, my Homie Emmanuelabor just dropped his Monster Lebron 8 V.2. Check them out in this Video below

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  9. Ryan Hammell says:

    Hi, i was looking at the awesome customization of the LeBrons. Your store is closed right now and i was wondering if you have those customized shoes to buy?

  10. Ryan Hammell says:

    Hi i was looking at the awsome customization of the LeBron 8. Your store is closed right now and i was wondering if you had those shoes(LeBron)to buy?

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