Shannon Brown “Throw It Down” Air Max 1

Remember When Shannon Brown was in the Slam Dunk Contest in 2010? Course you do. i mean, how couldnt you? it was only the Single Hyped up guy to be in it that year due to his ability to Dunk pretty Effortlessly. Which is why it was surprisingf that he lost to the now 3 time Slam Dunk Contest winner Nate Robinson

Shannon Brown prolly lost in part to not Wearing his shoe that was made for him to “Win” in. Nike made him a pair of Kobe V’s Dubbed the “Slam it down” PE (Player Exclusive).

if i remember Right it was a contest for people to submit their Kobe V ID and he would pick which one he wanted to wear. he never put them on tho 😦 but he did wear the USC Kobe V tho

Now im not a Kobe V guy personnally, but i do like the colorway. always Felt it would look better on a different sneaker (as i usually do). Enter my man SeanyAdventurer.

that vids cool, but this is Definately my Favorite Vid of his, and yes, Miz is team #OYMCISOY

If you dont know SeanyAdventurer he is a Fellow Sneaker Afficianado, but on a different level. he’s one of the few Male sneakerheads that i know of that Actually wears GS (grade School) sizes(Franalations may be the other one).

the plus side is that he can get Sneakers Cheaper then me and my 11-12 wearing self can get them for. but the downside is that they may not make certain things in his size. and if they do, there stilll charging like there in My size (size matters when you buy Sneakers).

with that said its a good chance that once he can find things in his size, its Rape prices considering what he usually pays for them. to fill the void tho, he hit up NIKEID and made some Air max 1’s to resemble the “Slam It Down” Kobe V’s.

now Nikeid is dope, it gives regular people a chance to create some of their favorite shoes however they want… to a degree. The adventurer was pretty good at applying the Colorway of the Kobe V to the upper, evendown to the Gel Blue sole. but the limitation of Nikeids Sole options for the AM1 made him settle for the Grey ones. Enter the Dragon…er.. MizzeeCustoms 😉

the young man hit me up on my twitter since he knows what i does, and asked what he gotta do to get the sole Blue. My reply? ship them to me, and i got you, easy as that 🙂

and just like that, i put on for my Sneaker friends. I even take care of him up while he Bashes my Man Lebron on twitter ALL the time, but its cool. All love homie. here you have it though. shannon Brown AM1 of 1 for SeanyAdventurer

 Rememeber, the Devil is in the details…

and just cause i felt industrious with the camera…

peep this Gel Sole tho, mean

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7 Responses to Shannon Brown “Throw It Down” Air Max 1

  1. matutakeshi says:

    u can get clear soles on am1s?

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  6. Leidy says:

    YMMD with that anwser! TX

  7. chris says:

    what kind of paint do you use

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