WDYWT 3-29-2011 Royal Foamposite

My Homie DjPapers was on Twitter earlier talkin about letting his Foamposites go, which made me kinda want to wear mines to this photo shoot i was supposed to go to that my homie Julian was putting together.

it was kinda cold outside, but i felt like wear my black bubble vest, so i layered up a bit to keep warm

after running errands i was finally able to get downtown to meet up with my homie only to not met up with him. i talked to him earlier to tell him im on my way, he said cool, call me when you get near, as soon as im a 2 block radius he stops answering calls… smh. called him for a half an hour straight on some stalker ish too

so while i was waiting around in hopes he would call me back i happen to hit up macys to see  if they had anything on sale and seen this crazyness

macys was doing this Towers of Flowers thing that seemed pretty different considering it normal look

they only did this flower arrangement through the courtyard, but it was pretty epic for lil ol’ me

after all that i headed down to the greyhound to take my beautiful self home and while i was playin with my phone and randomly lookin around,  seen some guy with a pair of Lebron 8 v.2’s around his neck…

which made my eyes immediately look down to see this

and why do you ask i posted this? because on my twitter, i post this…

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